Gianni Politi


“I’m a pendulum that oscillates perpetually between authorized and unauthorized”

AT: Where are you from and how/why you start engaging to art?

GP: I’m from Rome and this is why I’m engaged to art.


AT: When did it become serious?

GP: When I was taking a ceramic class for kids. I was four.


AT: Are there any person that have been significant in your progression as an artist?

GP: e.c. / n. / g.m. / g.g. / e.s.


AT: What’s your first approach to the work? Could you describe your practice?

GP: I’m a painter that pretty quickly found an image worth painting forever and ever who deals daily with impossibility of painting anything else. I’m a pendulum that oscillates perpetually between authorized and unauthorized.

Installation view “In the Belly of the Serpent”, Galleria Lorcan O’Neill Roma, 2019

AT: What do you want to reach with your work?

GP: The revolution.


AT: What are your favourite tools and materials for working?

GP: I use classical materials with immense respect for tradition, new materials are bent to be use in a new unpredictable way.


AT: How do you feel while you are working? You think of the final result?

GP: When I paint my father the final result is very critical and fundamental. When I fail in painting something else the only thing that matters is the process.


AT: How do you understand when a work is finished?

GP: When the sun falls into the sea and the sky turns orange

“Lola’s revenge”, 2017/2019 | oil on canvas, bronze, 125×102 cm
“la fine my friend”, 2017/19 | oil on canvas, bronze, 122.5 x 105 cm

AT: Where does the inspiration for the work come from?

GP: Roma?


AT: There are any artists who influenced your works? Why?

GP: Every single artist who lives and has ever lived on this planet.


AT: How important is for you the role of social media?

GP: Entertainment is fundamental.

“Assenza totale di empatia (breve storia degli uomini)”, 2018/19 | oil on canvas, 240 x 160 cm
“dude painting”, 2018/19 | oil on canvas, 240 x 160 cm

AT: What’s your opinion about the contemporary art system nowadays from your point of view as an artist?

GP: I must think of myself, because I’m a roman painter, as a classic. The object of this question is obscure to me


AT: What do you find to be the most challenging or daunting thing about pursuing art? What is the most rewarding part of working as an artist?

GP: The most daunting thing about pursuing art is ambition. Whereas, the most rewarding is the approval of my mother.


AT: What do you do outside of art?

GP: Nothing.


AT: What are your goals and expectations for the future?

GP: This answer could come from my ambition, that has a souk of its own… a cannibal beast with no body… let’s leave her alone for today, it’s a rainy day in Rome and I feel she’s not in the mood to be bothered.

Installation view, Gianni Politi solo show, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, 2017