Sabrina Casadei


“I am really stimulated to work in remote places, in a direct contact with nature”

AT: Where are you from and how/why you start engaging to art?

SC: I was born in Rome. I studied at the high school specializing in classical studies and after that it was a strange decision to start studying painting at the Academy of Fine Art. If I think about that period I can recognise a mix of coincidences, lack of awareness, empathy. The same empathy is essential in my work right now.


AT: When did it become serious?

SC: Some years ago, I was living in Berlin at that time. It was my first experience abroad, just after my degree in Painting. I remember how some kind of experiences become more important of others, I was starting to understand myself. It is still a mess, but at least I know I am a painter.


AT: Are there any person that have been significant in your progression as an artist?

SC: There have been some opportunity to meet important persons have trusted in my work, sharing a vision of beauty of the art.


AT: What’s your first approach to the work? Where does your process start?

SC: I use to spend a lot of time in my studio just looking at the canvas. I need to find the right concentration, a time where my eyes loose the borders of reality and set the vision free.


AT: What are your favourite tools and materials for working?

SC: I mostly use mixed media in my painting in a quite wild way.


AT: Do you leave your work open to interpretation? Or do you think the viewer should engage with your work in a specific way?

SC: I don’t think that is important for me.


AT: How do you feel while you are working? You think of the final result?

SC: I am more focus in the experience of painting, the space and dialogue between me and the canvas.


AT: How do you understand when a work is finished?

SC: It’s just finished.


AT: Where does the inspiration for the work come from? Do you find inspiration outside or it’s all inside you?

SC: I guess it’s important for my work find energy in the outside word. I am really stimulated to work in remote places, in a direct contact with nature.


AT: Do you think art can be learned or it is something innate?

SC: I don’ know.


AT: There are any artists that influenced your works? Why?

SC: I have a good exchange of ideas with some colleagues I really esteem. Speaking about  known artists, I find high empathy with the work of  Berlinde De Bruyckere, Tacita Dean, William Turner, Zoran Music.


AT: How important is for you the role of social media?

SC: I am not really in it.


AT: What’s your opinion about the contemporary art system nowadays from your point of view as an artist?

SC: At the end I guess it is a question about choices how to take part of it.


AT: What do you find to be the most challenging or daunting thing about pursuing art? What is the most rewarding part of working as an artist?

SC: I don’t know.


AT: What do you do outside of painting?

SC: A lot of stuffs, mostly interesting.


AT: What are your goals and expectations for the future?

Expect nothing!

No old Thing under the sun, Installation view at Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Firenze (2018)
born 1985 in Rome /Lives and works in Rome



Benaco Arte Residency / Sirmione / Garda Lake / Italy


Rotes Haus / Artist in residence Kunstsommer Moritzburg/ Germany

Lithographic Edition Project / Temple University Rome / Italy

Innaturalia / Roseto della Sorpresa / Asti / Italy


NKD / Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale / Dale / Norway


Le CouveNt Artist in Residence / Le CouveNt / Auzits / France


Diploma / Painting / Academy of Fine Arts Rome / Italy




No old thing under the sun (Solo) / Eduardo Secci Contemporary / Florence /Italy

Art Paris Art Fair / Grand Palais / Paris / France

MAPS / Societa’ Geografica Italiana / Villa Celimontana / Rome / Italy

UNTITLED Art Fair / Eduardo Secci Contemporary / San Francisco / Usa

ArteFiera / Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea/ Bologna / Italy


Terre emerse (Solo) / Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea / Rome / Italy

Invisibili Connessioni – Punctum / Archivio Storico e Museo Italgas / Torino / Italy

Nella Casa Rossa / MAC Museo d'Arte Contemporanea / Lissone / Italy

Malerbe / Artist studios - Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria / Rome /


Landina / CARS / Omegna (VB) / Italy


A Thousand Miles Away – Residenze #2 (Solo) / Albumarte / Rome / Italy

Bølge (Solo) / NKD / Dale Sunnfjord / Norway

Dialogo Primo: Palia Vlahata / Saristra Festival / Cephalonia / Greek

Comete /Chiesa dei Bigi / Grosseto / Italy

Koelnmesse / Cologne / Germany

Smottamenti. Frane (Solo) / LEM Laboratorio Estetica Moderna / Sassari / Italy

Iside Contemporanea / Arcos Museo di Arte Contemporanea / Benevento / Italy

Last Young. Under 35 in Italia / Villa Brivio / Nova Milanese (Mi) / Italy

Arte in Sarpi / Progetto d’arte in via Paolo Sarpi / la Galleria all’aperto /Milan / Italy

ComON StreetScape 2. L’arte invade Como / Pinacoteca Civica / Como / Italy


Growing in Lightness (Solo) / Kaleidoskop / Berlin / Germany

Big Size Art / Think | Cattleya / Milan / Italy

InterRail un viaggio nell’immagine / Art’s Events Centro d’Arte Contemporanea / Torrecuso (Bn) /


The new Talents / Marchina Arte Contemporanea / Brescia / Italy


Atti di decostruzion (Solo) / Marchina Arte Contemporanea / Brescia / Italy


Adrenalina 1.2 / Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini / Rome / Italy

Gra: Giovani Artisti a Roma / Museo Canonica / Rome, Italy


Nuove materie della pittura (Solo) / Art’s Events Gallery / Torrecuso (Bn) / Italy



Premio Comete / Chiesa dei Bigi / Grosseto / Italy


Premio Ora / L.E.M Laboratorio Estetica Moderna / Sassari / Italy


Premio Basi per l’Arte Contemporanea / Biblioteca Comunale / Castiglione della Pescaia (Gr) / Italy


Concorso giovani Artisti Fondazione Toniolo / Spazioarte Pisanello / Verona / Italy


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