3tips with ANDREA CONCAS

Andrea Concas


Passionate, curious, occasionally visionary, Andrea Concas talks every day about arts and innovation, from an art entrepreneur, teacher, communicator and worldwide speaker viewpoints. 

He is founder and CEO of the start-up Art Backer, of the platform Art Rights of artworks management and certification, and of ArtBackers.Agency, a Cultural Marketing and Communication agency for the Art world 3.0. Andrea gave life to The AB Gallery and ProfessioneARTE.it, the first online community dedicated to training, upgrade and guidance towards art professions. He ideated the first ‘Libro ChatBOT’ within the art world with the series ‘100 Questions 150 Answers’, that, thanks to ArteConcasBOT, answers to questions on artists and their lives, on works and market, edited by Mondadori Electa. Andrea is author of ‘ProfessioneARTE – I protagonisti, le opportunità di investimento, le nuove sfide digitali’, the first book guide to those who aims at an art profession. He published ‘L’Arte Post Coronavirus. Strategie digitali per i professionisti dell’Arte’, in eBook format, edited by Edizioni Piemme. In the publication he unveils the best digital strategies for a fresh start, directed at gallerists, museums, artists, collectors, curators, auction houses and other professionals of Arts and Culture. With his videos and social networks, Andrea promotes and supports art every day.