The Wall Project is the series of exhibitions curated by Federico Montagna, managing director of Artoday & digital curator, and Myriam Kuehne Rauner, which involves the most talented emerging painters on the international contemporary art scene. A window where the artists can show a unique and unreleased work that appears on the wall in Angelo della Pergola 1 gallery in Milan. An analogic display in the real world on which the artist shares with the public his latest researches, without using any hashtag, but leaving one written on the wall, instead.

The Wall Project No. 1



24.09.2018 – 4.10.2018


The Wall No. 1 was dedicated to the unreleased work of Manuel Fois, “AUD-553310” and its acoustic installation. Born in Cagliari in 1995, Manuel Fois developed his artistic research in London where, since 2016, he has investigated the relationship between images, music and sound. His practice is based on the research of glitch language – aesthetic theory of error – gleaning from the cymatics, science which studies shapes produced by the vibrations of sound waves in order to convert these into images, through the use of digital tools. He chooses to use sounds recorded in different places, indoor and outdoor, and transfer them on the canvas.

“My first intention was to catch the sound of the ocean which I could listen to on the shore beside ‘Palace Pier’. As usual, I ended up recording something else, in particular I focused on the noise of the wind that came across the microphone. Tonight I have decided to get back to that recording, the AUD-553310, and listen to it again…”

Angelo della Pergola 1 Gallery

Via Angelo della Pergola 1, 20159, Milan