The Wall Project is the series of exhibitions curated by Federico Montagna, managing director of Artoday & digital curator, and Myriam Kuehne Rauner, which involves the most talented emerging painters on the international contemporary art scene. A window where the artists can show a unique and unreleased work that appears on the wall in Angelo della Pergola 1 gallery in Milan. An analogic display in the real world on which the artist shares with the public his latest researches, without using any hashtag, but leaving one written on the wall, instead.

The Wall Project No. 5


“Green Boxeur / Johnny Tapia”

19.02.2019 – 28.02.2019


On the occasion of The Wall No. 5, the artist Marco Bongiorni has presented “Green Boxeur/Johnny Tapia”, the first work of a new series of paintings inspired by the boxe world. Bongiorni (1981) lives and works in Milan. Through a constant practice of ancient languages ​​such as drawing and painting, he proposes a research around the mechanisms of perception, reading and visualization of the contemporary. Drawing and painting become probes with which to grasp the fragile resonances that impregnate the cognitive flow and obtain a shift of the very purpose of such practices. Bongiorni’s work is an attempt to resistance to the totalitarianism of calculating reason in favor of the majority elusive lateral mechanisms of imaginative thought. Since 2008 he has been a drawing teacher in NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan). His latest projects include KANGAL (gallery Six, Milan) and DRAWING AS FIGHTING (Palais de Tokyo, Paris), FLEETING DRAWING (Harabel, Tirana).

“I painted this canvas as a sort of tribute to one of the fighter who most impressed me in the recent boxe’s history: Jhonny Mi Vida Loca Tapia. I hope my work can be strong and beautiful as his style: smart, fast and full of tricks. Once he said “Four times they wanted to pull life support. And many more times I came close to dying. I have been wealthy and lost it all. I have been famous and infamous. Five times I was world champion. You tell me, am I lucky or unlucky?”

Angelo della Pergola 1 Gallery 

Via Angelo della Pergola 1, 20159, Milan