The Wall Project is the series of exhibitions curated by Federico Montagna, managing director of Artoday & digital curator, and Myriam Kuehne Rauner, which involves the most talented emerging painters on the international contemporary art scene. A window where the artists can show a unique and unreleased work that appears on the wall in Angelo della Pergola 1 gallery in Milan. An analogic display in the real world on which the artist shares with the public his latest researches, without using any hashtag, but leaving one written on the wall, instead.

The Wall Project No. 6


“False Hopes”

14.05.2019 – 24.05.2019


On the occasion of The Wall No. 6, the last Wall of the 1st season, the artist Cosimo Casoni has presented “False Hopes”, the unreleased work painted by the artist during his latest residency at the Depot Art Studio in Manchester, UK. His research focuses on painting and its possibilities, through the twist and crossover of different approaches and contents, in a constant relationship between art and life. Indeed elements extrapolated from traditional painting, post-graffiti, skateboarding, find a meeting and detachment point on the same display, creating surrealistic and visionary contrasts, without any narrative purpose but evocative. Like a rebus left free to different interpretations. Casoni graduated in painting at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan). His most recent exhibitions include: THE SUNDAY SIDE (Clima gallery, Milan), PASSENGER (The Flat-Massimo Carasi, Milan), VIVACE SOSTENUTO ANDANTE (Fondazione 107, Turin), ONE SOLO NIGHT (Hunted Projects, Edinburgh).

“False Hopes resumes a series interrupted in 2014 entitled ‘Playgrounds’, with another maturity and awareness. Indeed, after my recent experience at the Depot Art Studio in Manchester (UK), I decide to focus my research on oil painting, but this time combining it with spray. The result is a relationship between abstraction and figuration, stillness and movement, thus generates a visual tension and feelings like: nostalgia for the past, instability of the present and concern for the future. All conditions which regard the human being”.