“The Useless Land” is the contemporary art exhibition curated by Irene Sofia Comi and Elda Maresca in collaboration with Lajoneart, which involves over 30 emerging artists inside the Castle of Lajone (Quattordio, AL, Italy), until the 4th of November 2018.¬†With the participation of 30 emerging and non-emerging artists, the exhibition “The Useless Land” is designed as a narrative path of site-specific and site-sensitive works which reflect on the theme of the tension to the profit of contemporary society.

In the common thought, the castle is perceived as an archive for historical memory, an autonomous reality far away from the principles of productive logics and the metropolitan rhythms. Having lost its role of power, today the castle is a microcosm looking for a redefinition. In this context and due to its fluid and hybrid nature, contemporary art finds in the Lajone Castle the ideal reality to be welcomed, comparing the ideas of useful and useless.


Artoday was the Media Partner for the exhibition. On the occasion of this partnership we have featured three dedicated Triptychs on our official Instagram profile and have designed social media contents for the exhibit.